Yea mon! It’s time let the healing clouds bloom, Marley Style Mon! You know every little thing gonna be alright after you read this Marley Natural Spoon Pipe Review. Marley Natural is line of products from the official Bob Marley Cannabis Brand. So you know before you even see the product it is top shelf. What I also like about this company is that they give a percentage of their proceeds to Rise Up. Rise Up is a program to help the poorest of the poor on the incredible island of Jamaica. If you have ever been there you know the beauty and the poverty that exist. Big up Marley Natural.

Marley Natural Spoon Pipe Review

_1Marley Natural Spoon Pipe Review 1Authenticity reigns supreme in this dynamite pipe. The Spoon Pipe is crafted by artisans that carry the spirit of Bob in all they do. Herb is their religion. So you know they take this stuff very seriously. The glass is hand blown borosilicate. It doesn’t get any better than that. That glass sits upon rich and refined, black walnut wood. The custom design allows for perfect fluid balance. The stem is very comfortably designed and heat resistant. The overall affect is the perfect smoking experience every time you draw a hit.

Spoon Pipe – Top Quality

If it has the official Bob Marley stamp of approval, it is quality. The Spoon Pipe is masterful in each and every detail. The detachable parts and compact form make the Spoon Pipe conducive to travel. It can be cleaned using any glass cleaner or soap. So, you can enjoy the benefits of herb whenever and wherever your journey takes you.

This 3 piece Spoon Pipe is portable and durable. Also, its discreet at only 2 inches tall and less than 5 inches long. It fits so sweetly in the hand. The clear cane finish is sophisticated. The rounded stem really adds to the beauty and functionality. Also, the mouthpiece is rounded and made of wood with a side-carb. This is a quality product. So, pick one up today for around $68 bucks. Get the best portable pipe available anywhere, help Rise Up and let the healing begin Mon!