Marijuanas Growing Popularity Over Alcohol in Canada. Canada is now on the the cusp of full legalization of  marijuana. Nationwide sales are estimated to create a tax income that surpasses alcohol. This may only take a couple years, the forecast is approximately 2 years. By September the banks, private sector and cannabis ventures are preparing for complete legalization preparations of sales and licensing.

A whole new industry is about to be born after years of prohibition. Marijuana is set to make up to 6.5 billion dollars by 2020. This figure is derived from a report of illegal marijuana now being sold. Moreover just in the past year Canadians alone have spent over 5 billion on marijuana. This is about the same as alcohol sales of post prohibition per population of the United States. There have been studies that report that half, the population of marijuana smokers are between the ages of  25-45 years of age. Moreover this age range is increasingly preferring marijuana over alcohol as many polls have showed.

Marijuanas Growing Popularity Over Alcohol in Canada

The tax revenue of provinces, taxes on marijuana will benefit the provinces mainly with a portion going to the federal government. However the federal government will share equally with the ten provinces of Canada. You only have to look at the State of Colorado to see the the incredible tax revenue legalization has created.

Alcohol and alcoholism has long been a problem with young and older people. A report recently said that even one drink a day could be detrimental to your health. The consumption of alcohol has contributed to a vast array of problems with health, crime and destruction of families or relationships. Most inmates incarcerated in prisons have had a relationship with alcohol. Everyone knows someone who has been negatively affected by alcohol. Drinking can lead to death in many ways and forms. These days many people are turning to marijuana to relax instead of drinking beer or hard liquor.

There has never been a report of an overdose of marijuana, but with liquor there has been countless cases of young people dying from an alcohol overdose. Over the years there have been many instances of university students dying from overdoses.

Marijuanas Growing Popularity Over Alcohol in Canada

The youth of today has also observed the dramatic difference between alcohol consumption and marijuana. You only have to look at 420 celebrations over the years in Canada to see the vast difference. In parks and other locations, every city in Canada would hold a celebration of marijuana on the fourth of April (420). In some cities you would get up to 5000 or more people smoking the herb. Moreover these events called for the legalization of marijuana throughout Canada.


There is very seldom if any a problem with the crowd of happy partying people at a 420 event. However for example if you were also to get the same amount of people at a beer garden, there would definitely be problems. Alcohol when abused has the tendency in some people to create aggression and erratic behaviour and in many cases get sick. However marijuana use usually has a calming effect and heightens the senses. Also marijuana does not cause terrible hangovers that drinking does.

Therefore researchers have come to the conclusion that moderate use of marijuana will actually reduce alcohol consumption. Now with so many edibles available on the cannabis market it is much safer than smoking it. But edibles are not the only way of consuming marijuana in a safer way. Vaping THC in an electronic cigarette has now gained popularity. In conclusion we know that alcohol and marijuana are here to stay. Moderation is the key for both, but moderation in marijuana use has much fewer negative consequences.