This is crazy. Do I even need to write a Marijuana Infused Ice Cream Review? Yes, of course its awesome. You need to go buy some right now. Its Ice Cream and THC, Duh! This might be God’s greatest creation. What could be better? Nothing! And the master chefs over at Remedy Ice Cream have really come up with one Hell of a treat that will have your taste buds whirling and your head a twirling.

Marijuana Infused Ice Cream Review 1Marijuana Infused Ice Cream Review

This review took me about a month to write. Why you ask? Because I couldn’t put down the damn spoon long enough to type three words. In fact, as soon as I put the first frosty spoonful of Wake and Bake Coffee Ice Cream into my mouth I was on the phone placing three more orders. I didn’t want to run out and I knew I was going to eat the whole damn thing in one sitting. And I did, not the best idea. I was high for 10 hours. 80 mg’s of THC is super strong.

Canada’s First & Only Ultra Premium Cannabis Ice Cream

When my wife says,”Take your medicine.” I jump off the couch and eagerly run to the kitchen. Being sick has never been so easy. And Remedy Ice Cream Co, makes getting well so fun and easy. This is a quality product from top to bottom. Firstly, the taste is out of this world. Rich coffee and cream sweetly danced on my tongue. It was as good as any old fashion ice cream as I have ever had in my long life. And I’ve had a lot of ice cream. Only the faintest hint of cannabis could be detected. This is unavoidable in THC strong medical edibles.

Remedy has been crafting ultra premium ice cream for over 40 years. They started the cannabis infusion line over ten years ago. They even do custom flavours and dosage levels upon request. Try that at your local Baskin Robbins. Also, they only use top shelf ingredients that are gluten free and vegan. So let Remedy Ice Cream be your remedy today. You can thank me later!