Marijuana 1Nowadays, the word ‘cannabis’ is not so popular in the United States. Everywhere you look. You see the word marijuana. But where did it originate? What makes it even more interesting. Is how less popular the term is around the world.

Part of the reason ‘Marijuana’ is so popular is because of the Mexican Revolution. This revolution started in 1910. After the war, loads of Mexican peasants migrated to U.S. border states. And brought with them their drug of choice. Which they called ‘mariguana’. Those who were against immigrants were thought to have played a big role in the first drug laws. In hopes to target mostly the immigrants. The cannabis law was pointed towards the term ‘marijuana’. After this, Indian and Mexican immigrants began bringing cannabis with them to the ports. These ports were near the gulf of Mexico, most in New Orleans. Jazz music, African Americans, and prostitutes were most commonly tied to cannabis.

Marijuana 2According to research, no one played a larger role in the popularization of the word ‘marijuana’ than Harry Anslinger. Anslinger was the director of Federal Bureau of Narcotics form 1930 – 1962. He made constant speeches and public appearances trying to portray cannabis as something that was foreign and scary. Something that would play into the fears of his audience. By talking about cannabis using the word ‘marijuana’ he did just that. Make it seem foreign to people. Anslinger began his federal campaign in 1937 against cannabis use. He eventually won. In 1937 the Marijuana Tax Act was put in place. Criminalizing pot in all of the United States.

After all this time. People are finally coming back to realize that cannabis has many positive effects. Many actually support legalization. It makes sense that marijuana is still a popular name. As compared to some other slang terms; Pot, Weed, Dope, Herb, Grass and more.