A while back we had an article that mentioned how cannabis can help with seizures. I would like to expand a bit on this for you.

Firstly, many studies including small studies, lab studies, and anecdotal reports. From a number of years ago suggest that cannabidiol. Aka, “CBD”. The non-psychoactive part of cannabis. Can help in controlling epileptic seizures. Scientific studies cannot prove its effectiveness in a random four cases tested in. Out of the 48 subjects, none showed negative side effects.

Results from 213 people who received this drug was presented to the American Academy of Neurology, Washington D.C. People who took Epidiolex ranged from 2 to 26. With an average age of 11. The subjects took it for a time length of 12 weeks. Here is what was found: Sensual Blonde Black and White

  • Seizures decreased 54% in 137 subjects.
  • People with DS, Dravet Syndrome, reported a 63% decrease in seizures over 3 months.
  • This improvement last for 24 weeks with Epidiolex. More found in people with DS than without.
  • In people with Atonic Seizures, it was found to improve by 66.7%.
  • The response time was also found to be faster in DS patient. Rather than patients with other types of epilepsy.
  • People who were also taking, or have also taken. Anti-seizure medication seemed to respond better to Epidiolex.
  • 14 people withdrew from the study because they saw no effect. 

In conclusion, anyone struggling with effectiveness in treatments for epilepsy. It would not hurt to explore the medical benefits of cannabis.