The Many Devices for Smoking Pot, and there are many, are as endless as the grains of sand on this beautiful beach I am lying on as I write to you today. I have been smoking pot for decades. So, I have probably used some methods you might find outrageous or simply hard to believe. But back 25 years ago our options were far more limited. You could buy rolling papers and that was about it. Even seeing a bong was a rarity. You basically rolled joints. Until we got a bit older and couldn’t find papers. Then we got creative and began our own little list of the many devices for smoking pot.

Necessity is The Mother of Invention

Cave men used the bones of the dead for their pot pipes. They were more advanced than us. Back in high school in the late 70’s and early 80’s we smoked joints. Small ones too. We called them “pinners”. That is because they were about as fat a pin. Money was hard to come by when we were 15 years old. Then of course, the weekend parties began. We always had weed. But we didn’t always have rolling papers. It was never a problem. Where there was a will, there was always a way.

I could make a joint from toilet paper, tampons, newspaper, or anything resembling paper products. Hell, I even once ripped a page out of the Bible. Thanks Jesus! Once we got smart, we graduated to food. We would use apples or potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and basically anything in the refrigerator. Then there were hoses, any plastic tube, soda bottles and more. And of course our favourite item ever, tin foil. With tin foil you could make a bowl for the soda bottle or even the entire pipe. It was a bit harsh. But it certainly worked.

The Many Devices for Smoking Pot

Rolling Papers

People have been smoking plants since they first discovered fire. The first rolling papers were the leaves of the plant itself. Why not? Cigar rollers still use this method today. All cigars are rolled in tobacco leaves. So, you know it  works. But then there’s the commercial rolling paper. They come in every possible shape, size and flavour imaginable. You can roll a joint as big as a banana like Cheech and Chong style. Or you can you use papers that taste like strawberries or coffee. You can even smoke invisible papers. But at the end of the day you’re inhaling burning paper and added chemicals. So, there are better methods. And lucky for us you no longer need rolling papers. There are so Many Devices for Smoking Pot that are better for your health.


It looks as though pipes far precede rolling papers. You can make a pipe from just about anything with a hole in it. If you can pack bud on one end of anything and light it up and suck, well you’ve got yourself a pipe. Of course science an artists over thousands of years have perfected the form. Any substance is sufficient. Pipes are made from all classes of metal, wood, stone, glass, bone and plastics. Advanced pipes use air holes to collect a powerful hit before releasing a condensed super hit. The affect is quite effective and pleasant.


Bongs, ah bongs. I’ve had a few of these bad boys over the years. Bongs are fun and were the best science for many years. A bong is really not much more than a pipe that you attach a water filtration system to and smoke. If you have ever used a bong or owned one you can see how much better this manner is than a pipe or a joint. Much of the tar and heat get trapped in the water, purifying your cannabis inhalation. It’s amazing how much dangerous material ends up in a bong after only one night. I still love a good bong hit.

Vaporizers and Vape Pens

Yes, bongs are fun. But nothing beats vaporizing marijuana. Vaping is the future of “smoking pot.” Technically it is considered smoking. However, vaping heats the weed buds at just the right temperature to cause it to vaporize. You can use direct or indirect heat when vaporizing. What you inhale is far purer and without the carcinogenic “smoke.” That makes not only a huge difference to your high, it makes all the difference in the world to your lungs and your overall health.

Finally, they have recently come out with THC vaping e-Liquid. This is not the same as vaporizing. vaporizing is a burning process. THC vaping e-Liquid is electronically vaping a 99% pure THC vaping juice. How you like them apples? Thought so. So, as you can see there are many devices for pot smoking. Choose the best one for your needs and enjoy!