Mango Kush is a Hindu Kush hybrid which is known for it’s smooth mellow high and calming effects. With a THC of about 16 % it will not knock you off your feet. Mango Kush is ideal for social situations. As laughter and giddiness can sometimes ensue. It’s not uncommon that happy times are had by all. Have gander at this Mango Kush Review

┬áMango Kush Review – Tropical Treat

Mango Kush Review 1The flavour is a rich , tangy sweet taste and a tropical mango aroma add to this unique and exciting sensation. The sticky buds themselves have a some deep oranges hues. Day after day researchers around the world are finding new and exciting breakthroughs of the many benefits of the herb. This truly is the tree of life!

This strain is ideal for winding down at the end of the day and is ideal for stimulating appetite if the person happens to be going through chemotherapy or for some reason has a lack of appetite. This strain has also been shown to ease pain do to sickness or physical injuries including headaches and migraines and has been used to relieve spasms and seizures.


Mango Kush can also lower anxiety and puts the consumer in a more relaxed atmosphere. Indica is known for these properties plus it gives you a body high and can also be used as a sleep aid for insomnia as sleepiness is one of it’s characteristics. Thus, the exciting world of hybrids has just really begun. But the tasty treat of Mango Kush will linger on forever. Mango Kush is becoming increasingly popular among connoisseurs and aficionados of this delightful sensual stone. Higher heights to smooth out your lows of any stress you might be having or anticipating. Therefore, with Mango Kush you can think about the future without worrying about the unknown. So sit back, put your feet up, relax and enjoy!