Mama knows best. And there ain’t nothing like Mama’s home cooking. In today’s Mama Ganja Dankcake Marijuana Edibles Review she is cooking up a treat you will not want to share with your brothers and sisters. It is simply too good. This is not just oven fresh cake. This is Dankcake. And it’s Dankcake with THC, baby.
Mama Ganja Dankcake Marijuana Edibles Review 1Stick your spoon in the jar and let yourself float away into chocolate bliss. This stuff reminds me of what my Mama would make for us on cold weekends in the snow. The best part was sneaking into the kitchen and sticking our fingers in the mixing bowl. That chewy chocolate mush was all we really cared about. The cooked cake was great too. But it didn’t compare to the raw gunk on our finger tips. Well, when you stick your finger into a Dankcake jar you get the exact same taste and feeling.

Mama Ganja Dankcake Marijuana Edibles Review

If your Mama ever cooked a cake for you as a kid you know exaclty what I’m talking about. Now if she had only added some ganja then things would have been perfect. But nothing was perfect back then. Things are still not perfect today. But Mama’s Dankcake does make it all a little easier to tolerate.
Now I don’t know if the founder of Vader Extracts is a big ole fat Grandma. But I can tell you this, whoever it is knows the recipe. It is just a heap a dank yummy chocolate brownie-like slop. It is guaranteed to put you into a chocolate coma. Then suddenly boost your mood and energy level.
What a combination. I love it. You can pick up a 300 mg THC jar of Dankcake for under $25 dollars. So just search the Internet. It’s easy to find. Tell them Mama sent you!