How to make bubble hash at home 3

Making Bubble Hash At Home

Do you know how to make bubble hash at home? My guess is you probably don’t. But you’ve had a second cousin’s friend of a friend make it once. (Did I mention I love meeting high minded people!?) Making bubble hash at home is actually fairly easy. With the right tools and ingredients you’ll have some great product worth sharing!

The preparation

The first step is getting together all of the ingredients and tools needed to make your bubble hash. These tools/ingredients include:

Bubble bags – Bubble bags are essential for a stress free time. You can purchase bubble bags at your local hemp/bong shop. Or you may purchase your’s online. I checked online and found a ton of distributors shipping to Canada/US and around!

2 x ice gags – Just plain old ice. You can purchase bags at your gas station or convenience store.

Trim – 40 ounces (keep in freezer or refrigerator before hand)

2 x 4 gallon buckets

1 x large wooden spoon

2 x .25 micron dry sheets

Secondly, you will need to choose what you want to use to make your bubble hash. Whatever you use. Know that the better the quality of what you used in the base. Will greatly effect the final product. For this tutorial, I used trim.

The process – A tale of steps 1 – 3

Step #1

How to make bubble hash at home 1After you have everything you will need to make your bubble hash. Its time to get to business! Start by adding 1 bag of ice to your 4 gallon bucket. On top of the ice you will next add the 4 ounces of trim. You will then take your large wooden spoon and mix the ice and trim. Now you will add the remaining bag of ice to the bucket. Let this bucket sit for about 5-10 minutes. In the mean time, fill the second bucket half way with freezing cold water. (The colder the better!) When you are adding the freezing water to the ice/trim bucket. Ensure that you only fill the bucket to about an inch above the ice/trim mixture. After adding water to the bucket, leave it for about 20 minutes.

Step #2

In a moment, now that you have let the mixture sit. It is time to start mixing! (You do not want to agitate the trim, but rather make it colder)  You will want to mix your potion for about 10-15 minutes. Now that your potion is well mixed, you will once again leave it to sit for about 20-30 minutes. In the hope that this is stellar hash, let’s mix it for another 5-10 minutes. Again the the mixture rest for 20 minutes. Once you have let the mixture chill. It is time to drain the mixture into your bubble bag. (Please note there are additional bags available for purchase. This user only used 1 such type.)

Step #3

How to make bubble hash at home 3Have your second bucket ready to go with the bubble bag in place. Once you have dumped your mixture in the bag let this mixture sit and sift itself. If you were to be using multiple bags. You would have your lowest filter on the bottom, with your “work” bag on top. Collecting all the stuff you can discard. This multi level of filtration is honestly the way to go if you are serious. Otherwise, you may use the single bag like I did. Be forewarned that you will need to repeat the sifting process multiple times to get quality product. I myself resifted my product 8 times. You may pour a little extra water on top to help the trichomes get to the bottom.

The product

Lastly, you will be left with a cloudy film at the bottom of your bubble bag. To remove this film you will need to carefully stretch out your bag and gently tap to remove excess water. After you are satisfied there is no more water that can be removed, take a spoon and scoop out the now clumping substance. Place this almost bubble hash on your .25 micro dry sheet and gently top with another sheet. Carefully and with a paper towel, blot off excess water. You don’t want to close off the resin heads, so be gentle while its still drying! You can bust the final product however you wish. I broke mine up with a sifter because I like the final look of it better.

Considering the information I’ve shared with you of how I made my hash. Is there a different method that you use to make your own bubble hash? With all the methods available I would love to try yours! Leave a comment below with the method you used to make your bubble hash!