If you are looking for a new way to get high. Have you ever considered drinking it in a tea? This option is quite effective and is perfect for those looking for an alternative! Why it is as easy as choosing your favourite strand and putting it into boiling water to activate the THC. (Ok, it is a little bit more work than I said! But it is not rocket science!)

card queen at mystic tea-party

Step 1: Grind weed

The first step is to grind up your favourite weed strain. When it comes to tea a Sativa strain generally has a more fruity taste to it. While Indica tends to have a more earthy taste to it. Since both have different effects as well as tastes. It is up to you which you prefer!

Step 2: Put Your Ganja Into a Teabag

Secondly, you will put your ganja into the tea bag, cheesecloth, or a metal strainer. All of these options will work. Boil your water, and add the bag to the cup with some of the hot water.

sexy cute girl with tea cup

Step 3: Let Your Tea Sit, Than Enjoy!

Finally, you will want to let that cup off goodness sit. This is the same as other teas, let it steep! In addition, if you like honey or sugar, add it! Also milk and cream, add it too!