Water Bong 1A Water Bong is the most common type of bong. By using air and water the bong creates suction. Making your own water bong is pretty easy, I’ll be honest. There can be a higher class or a quick and easy version of this. We will start with the higher class home made version.

Firstly, start with a two litre bottle. (Or whatever size you’d like). A thin metal tubing and a glass bowl or tin foil. Step one is to cut two holes the same size as the metal tubing. One for the down stem and one as a carb. Once you have finished you will insert the metal tube into the hole. If you’d like to, you can add tape or glue to secure the metal tube. If you have a bowl to fit the metal than you can use that, or forge one out of tin foil. You are able to make the bowl any size you want. After this, fill it with water, pack a bowl, and blaze!

Water Bong 2For a lower class version there is a very similar process, with different materials. For this one, you will need a plastic bottle. A cheap pen, and tin foil. Again, we will start with making two holes about the width of the pen, one for the down stem and one for the carb. You will need to disassemble the pen. Most pens are fairly simple to take the top off, than slip out the inside and the bottom. You will be left with a plastic tube after this, which you will slip into one of the holes. From here you will make a tin foil bowl and fill with water, light a bowl and enjoy!

Have you made your own water bong? There are countless ways to make your own! You know the saying, give a stoner some weed and nothing to smoke out of. And that stoner will become an engineer!