How To Make Cannabis e-Liquid


Cannabis e-Liquid is one of the most potent ways you can medicate yourself. Arguably one of the cleanest methods as well. To make your own cannabis e-Liquid you do not have to pay top dollar, just some simple key ingredients and you’re ready to go!


What you will need:


  1. Quality cannabis – 6+ grams.
  2. High grade alcohol – Ever-clear.
  3. Propylene Glycol.
  4. A cheese cloth.
  5. Two mason jars.
  6. A couple 5ml dropper bottles.
  7. Baking tray + aluminium foil.
  8. A pot and oven.

Step by step to cannabis e-Liquid


Step 1: Decarboxylation

First of all, this step is very important and can not be skipped. Finely chop or bust your cannabis, then place your bud on your tinfoil covered baking tray. Secondly, place the baking tray in your oven for 15 minutes at 220-225F. The buds will begin to turn slightly brown.

Step 2: Ever-clear

Secondly, you will want to take your decarboxylated buds and place them in your mason jar. Next, cover the buds so they are just covered by the alcohol.

Step 3: Evaporation

Thirdly, add approximately 3.5 inches of water to your pot, now add the mason jar inside the pot. It is important to turn on the vent to your over if you have one, as well maybe open a window. You are aiming here to evaporate some of the alcohol, continuously mix the bud and alcohol. The alcohol will not completely burn away, instead, you will have a darker and darker mixture as the THC absorbs in the alcohol.

Step 4: Re- add Ever-clear

Fourthly, you will now remove the mason jar from the pot. Next add a little more ever-clear, just so that it is at its original position.

Step 5: Filtration

Next, it is time to filter your product. You will want to cover the mason jar with the product inside with your cheese cloth. Now you will pour your product from one jar to the other through the cheesecloth. Once you have poured the mixture, you will want to squeeze the cheesecloth to get any liquid left behind. Next you will repeat step 3, only this time you will evaporate the alcohol so that there is 5ml left. Use the eyedropper to measure accurately.

Step 6: Propylene Glycol

Lastly, you will now add 20 ml of propylene glycol to your 5ml tincture. This will give you approximately 25 ml of cannabis e-Liquid. You may also use vegetable glycerin, play around, its your blend!

On a side note:

Above all, please be careful. At any rate, it is no doubt that heating alcohol can be dangerous. So take precautions, and use your head!