Magician Marijuana Strain ReviewNow you see me, now you don’t. Would you like to see a magic trick? I know an incredible disappearing act. I can make all your problems vanish with one bong hit. So sit back and watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat in today’s Magician Marijuana Strain Review.

I have been fascinated with magic since I was about 7 years old. I begged my parents to get me that cheesy Magician’s Kit. They did and in a couple of days I was performing my act in the kitchen for my siblings. I wasn’t very good. But my love for magic was born. I remember scouring the library for books about Harry Houdini, card tricks and anything I could get my hands on. There was no Internet in those days. So it was difficult to get information.

Magician Marijuana Strain Review

Magician Marijuana Strain ReviewRegal is the family from which this hybrid originates. White Widow was crossed with the original Skunk and Orange Skunk. The goal was to bring up the level of Sativa for a better head high. Well, they were successful. As a result The Magician was born. The Sativa level is up to 35% in this Indica dominant strain. The percentage makes for a great strain.

I really enjoy the combination. I like a full body buzz and a mild head high. Otherwise, I get too paranoid. So this is an ideal strain for me. It is also ideal for patients suffering from a wide  variety of illnesses. The THC level is unknown. I could not find that information anywhere I looked. One source reported 19%. I can tell you this though, you will get high. I am guessing it’s probably between 16% and 20%.

The Magician is basically a solid strain for everyday use. But smoke lightly or you might find it hard to work or accomplish tasks. You also might want to smoke out side. This stuff stinks. And the smell lingers. Afterall, it is a Skunk. Go grab the bong. Then say,” Abracadabra.” And Poof, bye bye stress!