Magic Flight Launch Box ReviewToday we have the Magic Flight Launch Box Review (MFLB) from Magic-Flight, released in 2009. This is a great vaporizer for outside of the house. I love that they designed a wooden vaporizer that is so effective. It is very small and portable and holds a charge for up to a full hour. It also comes in a nice kit, is well made and carries a lifetime warranty. The kit is nice. The warranty is nice. Let’s what else is nice.

Another big plus is the price you can find them online for a cheap as $107 dollars. It should be noted that  from my own personal experience, the Magic Flight is very portable, yet still does not have the power or usability of the Arizer Air or the Storz & Bickel Mighty vaporizers. So if you’re an at home person you might want a higher end product. But for those on the go, you can’t really beat the value.

Magic Flight Launch Box Review 2Magic Flight Launch Box Review -Specifications

The Launch Box holds up to .1 grams of dry herb and uses conduction as the heating system. The chamber and heating elements are made of stainless steel. And, the mouthpiece is made of glass. It only takes 5 seconds to heat up as the temperature setting is fixed. Also,it comes with a replaceable battery that takes about 4 hours to fully charge. And finally, it holds that charge for 30 minutes to an hour of usage.

The Launch Box is small, with dimensions:1.75″ (w) x .75″ (d) x 2.5″ (h) and comes with a lifetime warranty on both the materials and workmanship. Small is good. I like the portability.

The Launch Box is easy to use. There are 2 rechargeable, nickle metal hydride batteries and a charging station. The kit is pretty cool too. Black felt lines the tin box.. If you’re a beginner, no worries, the kit includes a very nicely detailed User Guide. Another thing I like, is that it is completely silent and again high marks for discretion.

The units come in Cherry and Walnut, which look great and take on a bit of that wooden taste. It reminds me of the old dime store pipes we used in high school. That is not really a plus as I like to taste what I’m vaping in the chamber as opposed to the wooden unit I am using to vape.

Magic Flight Launch Box Review 3

Magic Flight Launch Box Review – Score

 Over all I give the Magic Flight Launch a 7 out of 10 stars and here are the reasons. First, I rate portability a perfect 10. This is probably one the most portable vaporizers on the market today. The number one reason I bought mine is portability. Secondly , is the price. You’re not going to find a better value than the Launch. And finally, it should be said there are better products. And, if you are serious about vaping, I would suggest you spend the extra money and buy a more powerful vaporizer.