It’s like John Lennon once said, “Happiness is a warm gun.” So, get ready to take one to the head in today’s Machine Gun Marijuana Strain Review. This 22% THC killer is a fully locked and loaded Sativa dominant slayer. Try and see if you can handle a few rounds. Machine Gun will absolutely change your entire day.

I got my hands on some of this strain from my buddy, Big Joe. He owns a dispensary. Well, hell I felt like they took me out back and lined me up in front of a firing squad. I spent the next 2 hours walking around the shop checking out of these bizarre strains and brownies and candies.

At one point I thought I was in a dream. I really thought I had been whisked away to Willy Wonka Marijuana Factory for adults. It took me about 3 hours before they convinced me to go outside and look for food. If I hadn’t had such a terrible case of the munchies I might still be there.

Machine Gun Marijuana Strain ReviewNow, I have smoked some strong stuff but man oh man this stuff stayed with me all day into the night. I mean I have smoked Trix and Wonder Woman and not been as high. I have actually written reviews for both of those strains. You can read my Trix review here Or check out my Wonder Woman review here These are all great strains. Try them all and decide which one makes you feel best, depending on your needs.

Machine Gun Marijuana Strain Review

As if the 22% THC wasn’t high enough you also need to contend with 70% Sativa. This stuff is like playing Russian roulette but with a Machine Gun. You can also find this strain listed as Machine Gun Funk. This complicated hybrid’s parents include AK Confidential, Pure Haze, Skunk and G13. These are all powerhouse legends in their own right.

Of course, the Gun has medical value. Any strain with this much THC that is Sativa dominant is going to be sought after for stress, depression, and anxiety. But what I really like is the taste. The taste is super skunky and pungent. Also, the smoke has strong lemon accents. I love fruity strains. And I enjoy the Skunk family. The taste lasts and lasts. But, what really lasts with Machine Gun are the bullet holes. You will be high for hours and hours. Like a bullet in the blue sky a little goes a long way.

So, grab your holster. And get out there and shoot up the town, partner.