M39 is a delightful skunky hybrid that always has me coming back for more. Like me this hails from the great white north of Canada. This originally a genetic mix of  Skunk#1 and some other skunk variety of mysterious origin. This gives me a nice smooth mellow high. I find I am motivated a creative while toking a spliff of this scrumptious M39Skunk. I just toked some so this seems like the right time to relate a story that directly relates in this M39 review.

M39 Review

I received a telepathic message from the time travelers Baron Wolfgang von Frankeschnitzel and the ultra beautiful Zukie la Rue. They had somethingM39 Review important to show me in the future. They appeared a 7:00 pm in the Biokenetic Oribitron Selecter. The three of us entered and in the blink of an eye we were in were in the year 2089. We took a rickshaw pulled by a robot on roller skates to a Rasta bar and toked some M39. They no longer could grow it in this time. You see in this year all plants had been genetically altered so much that they had the same intellect as humans.

Carrots and Pine trees were some of the best lawyers in the city of New New York Town. The marijuana plants were always so kind and generous and of course hung out at the Rasta bar. It was strange to say the least ! I was having a conversation about economics with a Brussel sprout and a Nectarine when I heard crying. I looked out the window just in time to see a stroller go by with three screaming baby Carrots !

Obviously said the Baron there were no more vegetarians because that was considered murder. Zukie rolled her eyes at this and mumbled something about salad in a hushed tone. The baron took me to this year to remind me to enjoy my fruits and veggies because in the future one day they are going to be selling you a used car or real estate !

Think Good

I really love M39 for it’s mellow creative and happy vibe it provides me as it were.

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