LV Themed Beaker Water Pipe ReviewTime for a fashionable review. If you want to be the envy of your friends and look good while doing it, you need to read our LV Themed Beaker Water Pipe Review. As a collector and an avid pot smoker I am constantly surrounded by people and friends who are likewise serious about smoking pot. So, if I go to any type of a party the bong inevitably comes out.

I love to show off my collection. I have just about every type of bong you have ever seen or heard of. So, do most of my friends. Therefore, it’s really difficult to impress. So, when I have few close friends over I really need to pull out all the stops. My Louis Vuitton Water Pipe does just that. And I get asked the same questions all the time. “Did you get that from Paris?” “Was that a gift from someone famous?” Or “Is that real?” Well, it is.

But before you get on the, “This must be a gimmick” train, allow me to elaborate. Of course it is a bit gimmicky. But that does not mean that the LV is not a great bong. It actually is. And I have a ton of bongs. I am a collector. And this bong is fun. It is certainly not a high end performer. If you want a really serious bong check out my review for the Ehle Ice Bong here or the Hero that I reviewed here But that having been said, The LV does hold up. Let’s see how and why.

LV Themed Beaker Water Pipe ReviewLV Themed Beaker Water Pipe Review

First of all, the LV is manufactured by American Made Glass. They easily head up the best glass makers in the world. And this 18 inch tall bong is no exception. And for only $154.99 dollars you can get one today. The LV is 100% scientific borosilicate glass and comes with an 18 inch female joint. It also includes a diffused downstem percolator and an ice catcher. Not too shabby for a “gimmick.”

The thing that makes this a real collector’s item for me is the finish. A sweet sandblasted body with LV logo impeccably decorated throughout make the LV an elegant water pipe.

So, if you’re looking to impress I think this might be exactly what you’re looking for in a bong. The price is right. The quality is in the make. The design is nice. And over all the LV is very functional and a very sexy way to enjoy your smoke and impress your friends.