Luxury Wood Dugout Kit ReviewElevate Accessories has dropped the most luxurious one hitter-dug out ever produced. This is an all in one pipe kit that really leaves the competition in the dust. When it comes to elegance, portability and discretion our Luxury Wood Dugout Kit Review has it all.

I can honestly say this is one of my favorite pipes. Also, its my favorite way to smoke weed. I get a kick out of how they advertise the dug out with a tobacco storage compartment. LOL. Really? Who one hits tobacco in a glass pipe? Who knows maybe some tobacco enthusiast do use one hitters. But I doubt it.

Probably the best thing about owning a dug out is that you have all your stuff in one place, in one unit. Portability is what its all about. And portabliity means you are outside of the house. As a result, you want to dicreetly carry all your stuff with you. If you have a traditional glass pipe, you then need to carry your bag as well. Its cumbersome and weighty and overall uncomfortable. The Dugout is not.

Luxury Wood Dugout Kit Review – Specs

Luxury Wood Dugout Kit ReviewElevate Accessories is based out of Denver, Co. And they’re known for meticulous craftsmanship in all their products. The price tag is a bit on the high side at $99.99. But what do you get? And is it worth it? Well, I think it is. And here’s why,

Firstly, its beautiful. I love the tritone wooden finish. And I love how wood seeps into the taste of weed. It is incredibly durable. I like that. It means you will have this for many years of usage. Secondly, the glass pipe is sweet and very nice quality with a cool wooden tip that is very cmfortable in the mouth.

Luxury Wood Dugout Kit Review- Summary

I love dugouts. So the Luxury is right up my alley. Therefore, I can honestly say that it is easily the best dugout on the market. It really is a self contained all in one smoking system. For that reason, I give this kit a big thumbs up for portablility and functionality. Mostly, it looks really stylish and handsome. I find the $99.99 dollars price tag well worth the investment. Finally you will Dig this Dugout. It is Far Out Man.