What’s Love got to do with it? Everything! Everyone loves Love. And everyone loves a good marijuana strain. So, why not combine the two? Our Love Potion #1 Marijuana Strain Review does just that.

I like a good strain that packs flavour and potency. But what I really go for are strains for specific results. And I am looking for love. I vaporized some of this with my two girlfriends last weekend after a long wait for my delivery. It was worth the wait. The effects were just what I was hoping for.

The strain is very relaxing and helped remove the nervous inhibitions that can accompany a sexual escapade. Ruth was very anxious before we vaped. And Eloise is a bit of a cold fish. Both girls were ready for the fiesta after a few tokes. And oh, what a fiesta it was! Love Potion #1 is famous for being a sexual stimulant as well as a great remedy for anxiety. So, everyone won, especially the cleaning lady and the laundromat.

Love Potion #1 Marijuana Strain Review

Love Potion #1

This THC potent, Sativa strain is a beautiful neon green flower with vibrant orange hairs and white trichomes. The flavour and aroma are pungent and more skunky than Eloise. The taste has heavy lemon and lime accents, unlike Eloise. Everything about this strain is pure love.

Love Potion is a 70% Sativa dominant strain. It’s a cross-breeding of Columbian Gold and G13 from Reeferman Seeds. If you like a sensual and relaxing Sativa, Love Potion #1 is number #1.

The trichomes are thickly frosted white heaven. They hold the essential secret sensual elements. The trichomes rich THC potencies responsible for the sense of relaxation and lack of worries. Love Potion tests around 18-20% THC levels. There is also a nice balance of CBD that works in coordination with the THC. The Columbian Gold is actually cross bred twice in the hybrid breeding process to extract the maximize THC from these rich trichomes.

Reeferman Seeds is one of the most respected strain providers in the world. Their strains have won almost every award in the industry. So, if you have been looking for love in all the wrong places, look no further. Let a little Love Potion #1 fill your heart and soul with joy.