Love Oven Smores Marijuana Edibles ReviewAll you need is Love, our Love Oven Smores Marijuana Edibles Review that is. And I am in love. This innovative and award winning treat is changing the way companies create medical edibles. At Love Oven you actually pick the strain or hybrid that you want them to cook into Smores. So, that makes this edible both recreational or medical depending on your needs. Either way, you get the highest quality in taste. You got to love that.

There are no other companies products that I have yet tried or even heard of that allow the consumer such control over what they are buying and ingesting. I really like that. My guess is other bakers will have to step up their game. And why not? Until now it has been easy to pick an edible. I choose different levels of THC and CBD. But the strain? It has never been an option. This is so great for all users sick and healthy. It seems like such a simple solution. I am actually quiet surprised that I had not come across this choice earlier. But, as with True Love, better late than never. And I have fallen.

Love Oven Smores Marijuana Edibles ReviewLove Oven Smores Marijuana Edibles Review


Love Oven calls Denver home. As do so many other of the top edible makers in America. So, competition is tough. Therefore, you have to be good, in order to be recognized. Love Oven puts love into all their products. They really care about you. It shows in the taste, quality and freshness of all of their offerings.

But what is most paramount is the consumer’s ability to create a perfect prescription within each recipe. I love it.

I also love Smores. This treat packs chocolate chips in a graham cracker brownie and tops it off with marshmallows. Hello! If you can put together a better combination of decadence I defy you. It’s impossible. The taste of cannabis is almost unnoticeable. I love that too.

And if that is not enough, there’s more. You might like to know that their ingredients are all natural, organic and locally grown. That’s a product made with Love. And that is Love Oven.