Louis Vuitton Rolling Papers ReviewLuxury has no limits. Nor does it have a price tag. Why roll a joint in a bland and boring paper when you can roll a designer joint. If youre a real fashoinista, shouldn’t your joint match your handbag? Well, of course it should. And now it can. Welcome to our opulent Louis Vuitton Rolling Papers Review.

LUXE HDPRINT has made it possible. You can now print your favorite fashionable logos right on your rolling papers. These are not your every day rolling papers. And they are not cheap. But nothing really worth having is cheap. Is it?

Louis Vuitton Rolling Papers Review

These luxurious papers are 100% handmade. That s right Folks. They are metiuclously crafted. And they have the most discerning clients in mind. This is the Stuff of Kings and Queens. LUXE is a product for the person that doesnt think about money, like me. The only difference there is I don’t have any to worry about.

Louis Vuitton Rolling Papers ReviewNot convinced yet? Allow me to continue to elaborate. How does this sound? The papers are each individually inspected after theyre hand woven. And a patent pending water mark graces the paper. Oh, did I mention its sprayed with diamond dust. Thats right folks, Diamonds. They claim to be Oraganic based and 100% natural and safe. So no worries. Even the glue is extremely exclusive. It is a honey vegan base, yummy and deceadent while 100% safe.

These Italian Master paper manufactures have left out no detail. Also, the rolling papers come with a tip, and  not just any tip. The tip is a unique, handmade Borosilicate glass filter tip. Wow. I mean this is getting silly. But hey why not if you can afford it? Finally, they are Ultra Slow Burning. These are the very first custom printed rolling papers in the world.

Louis Vuitton Rolling Papers Review – Summary

LUXE makes other desinger papers  as well. In fact, I am quite certain you could have them do just about anything you could think of for the right price. Its nice to have money, no? Then youre going to need it. Because a 2 pack runs $12.99. So were talking $ 6 dollars a paper. But hey its only money. And image is everything, right? They also come in 10 packs. Check out their site. It s expensive but fun. And you will make heads turn, no question.