Are you looking for the best bong in the World? This might be it. If you can afford the $4000 dollar price tag it could be yours. In this Little Sista Custom Bong Review we will try to validate the enormous cost. In all fairness the Little Sista is stunning. You will quickly discover that no detail has been left out in its construction.

This bong comes from the geniuses at ROOR. And this bad boy is by far their tour de force. I can’t imagine that any one would want to drop that kind of money on a Bong. But after seeing it in person I understand. Little Sista is way out of my range financially. But if I were rich, why not. This thing is so regal that it is really an investment more than an everyday use Bong.

Little Sista Custom Bong Review – Specs

Little Sista Custom Bong ReviewExtravagance does not even begin to describe this master work. First, it starts with 7mm thick Borosilicate glass. Secondly, the ROOR Logo is solid gold. And its encrusted with real diamonds. Wow. They invented a Bubbled Tube just for this Bong. It is unique to Little Sista. Even the mouthpiece is stunning. You put your mouth on an actual Opal embedded Crown. Impressed yet? You ought to be. But wait. There’s more.

The look is further beautified by a marble Dichro. On the sides of the Dichro are 2 very cool looking Solid Silver Hemp leaves. Moreover, even the ice notches are gilded in real Gold. The bowl for your dry herbs is also made of Gold. Damn, they left nothing out on this one of a kind model. The ashcatcher is a Ruby studded Slid Silver Logo. This is so rich you will want to insure your Little Sista.

Little Sista Custom Bong Review – Final

The Little Sista is the King, well Queen, of all bongs. Therefore, any serious collector will not be able to sleep after having read our review. They will have already gone online and purchased one. But to all of us peasants, all we can do is dream. So, dream. And finally, maybe one day you will be the King, or Queen.