Lip Balm Marijuana Edibles ReviewThe endless applications and healing powers of cannabis continue to expand at a greater rate than the universe. For that, let us thank a truly omnipotent benefactor. Every day the medical world discovers new manners of treating hundreds of diseases and ailments. Now if we could only get our evil government representatives to see the truth and stop being so greedy we could expand the wellness of our fellow human beings even more rapidly. We are getting there slowly. And our Lip Balm Marijuana Edibles Review is the ideal example of how your life can be made better today.

I am a medical edible fanatic. I put the pipe and the bong up on the shelf years ago. It all started when someone handed me a gummy bear at a party. But things have changed since then. Moreover, the innovative and inventive usage of cannabis is ever evolving and improving. Firstly, there were the sweets, lots of brownies and candies. But the edible world has grown at warp speed. These days you can buy everything from lip balm to skin lotions, sodas and beer, granola and pizza, ice cream and the list goes on and on. But lets stop and take look at latest and greatest offering from Speakeasy Chapstick.

Lip Balm Marijuana Edibles ReviewLip Balm Marijuana Edibles Review

Lip Balm is a fantastic method of getting benefits of cannabis without the overwhelming high of ingesting. Apply Speakeasy Chapstick to the lips. It goes to work slowly but effectively. Firstly, we’re talking about deeply moisturized lips. And they’ll be softer than they have been in your entire adult life.

Why? Because the ingredients are top shelf. Everything in this chapstick is medically proven. Only the finest ointments and vitamins go into this product. The list includes the best hydrating moisturizers in the business such as Castor Oil, Beeswax, Peppermint, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and of course pure Cannabis Oil.

You can choose between CBD or THC. Both chapsticks contain 10mg each respectively. So, depending on your needs you will find great relief and soft lips. Therefore, you’re left with no choice. Give this amazing product a try. Your lips will thank you. But your lover will thank you even more. But don’t limit yourself to only her mouth. Be generous with those kisses. If you know what I mean. You’re welcome.