Lions Balm Marijuana Edibles ReviewI am a Lion and you’re going to hear me Roar in today’s Lions Balm Marijuana Edibles Review. This is one of the most interesting and innovative ways to reap the benefits of cannabis that I have had the good fortune to try out. This is a really new wave medical application. As marijuana continues to become legal throughout North America and people continue to realize the incredible healing powers of cannabis we are finally seeing new breakthroughs. Lion Balm is one such fantastic example.

I get to try lots of interesting products. Most of them are pretty cool, many are recreational and then there are the true medical edibles. It is possible for those of us who suffer from all sorts of pain to find remarkable relief through various manners of ingesting. There are sublinguals for example that enter the bloodstream instantly and give the user relief in seconds. Then there are the typical edibles that take an hour or so to start to work their magic. And still there are even more effective ways to reap the benefits without hitting the bong or burning your throat with joints. Lion Balm is one such amazing product.

Lions Balm Marijuana Edibles ReviewLions Balm Marijuana Edibles Review

Lip balm is really something everyone needs. It lubricates the lips. And we all know the lips are the gateway to the heart and soul. Lion’s Balm is basically a Tiger Balm but better. It’s essentially beeswax and coco butter. Moreover they pack essential oils into this spicy Thai style balm.

Best of all is the 25 mgs of THC. Scientists now know that THC is an excellent topical salve. It not only cures and lubricates, it medicates. It relieves pain and swelling. The girls at Om Edibles take healing very seriously. They are an all feamale cannabis company that focuses on healing both mind and spirit.

The thing I like most about both Om Edibles and Lion’s Balm is that you can have a better life by using their products. This is medicine. It’s healing. It’s real.