Lemon Stomper ReviewLemon Stomper is a fine Sativa mix of Lemon Thai, Sour Diesel, and Chemdawg. With this combination you will receive a super high . One of those great strains with a THC level of 20%. Lemon Stomper does does not require more than a couple of tokes. I have found this can almost be hallucinogenic if not careful. Creativity is what I have found is one of the strongest traits I find with this happy herb. I’m always noodling on the guitar after a few tokes of this fine Sativa. A very energetic and euphoric high that will put you in a positive mood as you will see in my Lemon Stomper Review.

Lemon Stomper Review

It was not long ago I was at one of the lowest points of my life. My wife divorced me and took the house. Kidnapped by crazy gang members Doug my dog was in trouble. I had to pay the rest of my savings to get him back back.  Dyed blue and covered in ticks and fleas Doug was a mess. Also a week later I was fired from my job at the car wash. Because the boss’s wife had taken a shining to me. That flirt was always asking me to hose her down. Because I made her so hot. The boss overheard her one day and that was it. Trixy my trusty truck of mine had it’s wheels stolen. Then they spray painted satanic graffiti all over it. I moved into my Grandmothers basement.


In a few weeks I had found a new outlet. I would smoke some Lemon Stomper and hit the streets with my guitar and busk. With Doug by my side I would improvise songs about what I saw on the street. Two weeks later there was signing to a major record label. Now I am playing sold out shows with fellow headliners The Squidpickles. One thing about life you never know what’s around the corner. Lemon Stomper helped me to stay positive and gave me inspiration to write great songs.

Medicinal Benefits

Lemon Stomper helps with anxiety, AHAD, asthma, arthritis, glaucoma, pain , muscle spasms, and multiple sclerosis.