Lemon Stomper packs a powerful punch. The reason for this is it’s combination. A mix of Lemon Thai, Sour Diesel and Chemdawg give the toker a delightful and potent Sativa. A psyhoactive effect that produces creativity. Also a very euphoric and uplifting. This is one herb you won’t forget. You will be coming back for more of Lemon Stomper. In social situations this is a perfect herb that will have you and your friends goofing around and acting like teenagers. I can attest you will only need a couple of tokes to be on alternate plain of thinking. I will explain more in my Lemon Stomper Review.

Lemon Stomper Review

I find when I have few tokes of Lemon Stomper it gives me a different perspective on this somewhat awkward world we live in at this moment. That you know can change in a heartbeat. Tell Dem ! Life is not easy for anyone. Just for some it is unfair. But we have the capacity for to give to our utmost to make everyone be loved and not for want of the physical including also mental health. Love is the only solution. What is it that makes us the most selfish and the most intelligent species on the planet? What has to happen for the light to go on ? Will we somehow destroy ourselves from the greed and gluttony of our own self worth ?


Our Learning curve is very low. Would you not agree ? With the condition of the world today ! I was thinking of the scenario of a asteroid hurtling towards earth in 1 month. Would we all get together as a planet and be kind to one another. Could it be our collective fate that could finally unite us ? . All previous problems would melt away. I myself would embrace the one I love and extend love to everyone I came in contact with. Like we should be doing now. Come people tek a spliff of Lemon Stomper and think about this now !