Bad Bad Lee Roy Brown, The Baddest Strain in the Whole Damn Town. And it is one “bad” sativa strain that holds up with the newest and most popular strains available anywhere in the world today. Our Lee Roy Marijuana Strain Review is the baddest review you will read today.

When I started smoking pot as a 14 or 15 year old kid “Bad Bad Lee Roy Brown” was playing on the radio at least once every hour. What a time to be alive and be a teenager and new tot the magical and hilariously fun world of marijuana. This was the same time the first all black comedy was released in theaters. It was called, “Ima Get You Sucka” and it was funny. Look for it on Youtube. It’s still funny today.

Lee Roy Marijuana Strain Review 2

That summer we rented the movie on VHS tape. We would get high every afternoon. Then we put on the “Pimp scene” and 10 or 12 of us would roll around on the floor screaming laughing for hours. Lee Roy is really almost a racial name, usually describing a black sort of gansta that dressed like a pimp. Now by the grace of God, it’s just a great marijuana strain that we can all smoke to get our laugh going.

Lee Roy Marijuana Strain Review

Lee Roy is a great strain for people like me for a couple of reasons. It is not too powerful. I dont get paranoid like I do on stronger strains. I like a moderately powerful strain so that I can feel good but still function.

This sativa is a hybrid of RD#2 and Triangle Kush from our good friends at Rare Darkness Seeds. Smoke enough if you like couch lock. Kush strains are strong. Therefore, that’s entirely up to you. Smoke in moderation and you can have a very mellow day while at the same time having a good energetic buzz. Lee Roy allows you to work and focus while enjoying the day.

The taste is really great. A sweet mix of lemon and limes fills the room. It is a great lingering aroma. Users of Lee Roy tend to find relief from depression, ADD and ADHD. Also PTSD shows great success when treated with Lee Roy. So, go get yourself a big bag. And be the Pimp you always wanted to be.