The great teacher once penned, “May all beings have happy minds.” And we could not agree more. And for that reason, we present you with our Laughing Buddha Review. This potent Sativa strain is sure to make even the dullest person belly laugh for hours on end.

The folks at Barney’s Farm created this award-winning strain almost 20 years ago. And to this day is it still one of the most popular strains on the market. And for good reason. Laughing Buddha will make you laugh. So, toss aside the stress and depression and have a happy mind, courtesy of the Buddha.

Laughing Buddha Review

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. This is yet another of the many wise adages of Buddha. And nothing could be truer. The modern world is finally getting back to these ancient principals and we are the benefactors. Medical marijuana is finally legal. And People are now able to be the authors of their health.

Laughing Buddha Review by Barney's FarmStrains like Laughing Buddha are saving lives by the thousands each and every day. The High Time Cup winner of 2003 for best Sativa was Laughing Buddha. This 75% Sativa strain has around 18% THC levels and causes uncontrollable laughter, hence the name. It also brings peaceful euphoria and that is the Buddha. This strain is the genetic result of crossbreeding Jamaican and Thai Sativas.

The strain itself is good looking, good smelling and good tasting. Vibrant jungle greens with sweet orange hairs are accented by an almost candy-like aroma. The taste is sweet with hints of the jungle, earthy and strong. One hit of Laughing Buddha will fill the room with the lingering stink.

The effects are fast acting, making this a wonderful medical strain. They are also long-lasting and powerful. If you suffer from any sort of mental anguish the Buddha will set your mind at peace. Find enlightenment and Nirvana with Laughing Buddha and put your troubles behind you.