Larry Bird Kush Marijuana Strain ReviewWho do you dish the ball to with 3 seconds to go? Well, “Mr. Dependable,” of course. And if you’re looking for a dependable go-to strain then you will want to read today’s Larry Bird Kush Marijuana Strain Review. The Boston Celtic basketball legend is arguably the greatest clutch player in any professional sport in history. And now he has a strain named after him that is sure to become a legend in it’s own right.

I had the pleasure of watching the master at work in person many times. Because I am from Boston as you know by now if you read my posts. I was in high school at the time when he was winning championships. And it was fun. I was a teenager. So, you know what that means. I was smoking pot all day, everyday.

The best part of watching Larry Bird live was witnessing the buzzer beaters. And there were so many. If there was 3 seconds left and the Celtics were down by 2 points, everyone in the building knew who was getting the ball. And 9 out of 10 times Larry Bird would hit the impossible shot and send the Boston Garden into a frenzy. Now the only thing that sends me into a frenzy is this awesome strain.

Larry Bird Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Larry Bird Kush Marijuana Strain Review

As well balanced as Bird’s shooting game is the sativa and indica split of this special strain. But when you add 18% THC you get a hall of fame contender. It is as perfect a 50/50 split as Larry was from the free throw line. The lineage stems from Hindu Kush, Blue Cheese and Haze. Now that is one all star team right there.

Users claim serious euphoria and an overwhelming sense of calmness and wellbeing. The split creates both a solid body high and a mental state of relaxation. Also the taste is minty like the green uniforms of the Kings of Boston.

For me Larry is a perfect strain. It’s strong. But it doesn’t destroy me. I get a great body buzz. And I feel like laughing. The real Larry Bird was not big on fun. But watching him win sure was. Thanks for the memories and the new strain. Go Boston!