Large Morel Mushroom Pipe ReviewThis Large Morel Mushroom Pipe Review will showcase one of the more unique chillum pipes on the market today. I have never seen or used another pipe quite like it. The Morel is made of high quality heat resistant borosilicate glass. It is masterly crafted and the glass work is second to none. The folks at Mountain Jam Glass Company are leaders in glass pipes. Therefore, everything they create is special and stands out from the crowd.

I actually bought this pipe for myself as soon as  I saw it. I knew I was going to like it. Most of the time companies send me their products in the hopes that I will write a good review for them. And honestly most of the time I do. But this time I went out on my own because I like the company and I loved the look. Well, it was worth it.

When it arrived I had a party planned. The party included a fat bag of OG Kush   and a fat bag of magic mushrooms.  I like to have theme parties. And it seemed like a great idea at that time. Well, the mushrooms were no good. They had gone moldy and smelled terrible. I was a little let down. But the nice thing was that the focus of the night was on smoking pot and getting to know my new Morel Mushroom Pipe.

Large Morel Mushroom Pipe Review

Large Morel Mushroom Pipe ReviewThis American made pipe is destined to be a collector’s item. Just look at it. Also the detail is fabulous. The light hits the glass and the heavily saturated colors creating a one of a kind affect. Each pipe is hand made. Therefore, no two are exactly alike.

For $138 dollars you can have your own unique Morel Mushroom. This is a great portable pipe as well at just under 5 inches long. Also, there is also a nice carb hole at bottom of the stem.

This looks great in any collector’s display chest. It is a quality product that is easy to use and easy to clean. There’s no gimmicks just a cool and unique pipe that will bring you years of pleasure.

The price is a little on the steep side. But there are good reasons for that. First, the pipe is 100% borosilicate glass. And secondly, it is Mountain Jam. Those are two good reasons to consider picking up this nice Mushroom Collector’s Pipe.