Land Yacht Ceramic Bong Review The folks at Summerland have created a 100% Ceramic Bong that smokes smooth and silky. There are no glass parts or sub-quality pieces to worry about. This is simple and smooth sailing with a more than foot tall bong. The Yacht’s design is pure and understated. But the quality of the hits are as luxurious as our Land Yacht Ceramic Bong Review.

Imagine sitting on an all white super yacht and your servant brings you a tray with some cold champagne and your all white bong freshly packed with some OG Kush. You might want to jump in the ocean first and take a long refreshing swim. Because once you pull a few hits out of this bong you are going to want to lean back and let the ocean sway you to and fro. You may also want to keep those servants close in case you fall over board.

Land Yacht Ceramic Bong Review

You have really got to love luxury that comes along with simplicity. The Land Yacht Bong has no gimmicks and no tricks. It is clean looking. And it smokes clean. That is really all you need. If you want to show off to your rich friends buy a bigger boat. But you do not need to buy a bigger or more flashy bong.

Land Yacht Ceramic Bong Review Ceramic is also the perfect delivery system. Pyrex, glass and wood can get dirty quickly. This can ruin not only the taste of your dry herbs, but also the quality of your high. When I am using a bong I want a clean and smooth hit, nothing more. Smoking pot is nt recreational for me. And I am certainly not trying to impress anyone. I simply want to get high. The Ceramic Land Yacht does just that for me.

If I want to show off I will pull out some $1000 dollar bottles of wine and caviar. Or I can have my girls dance in their bikinis. That is impressive. But when I want to impress my friends and clients with a quality smoke I pull out my Land Yacht.

Like most luxury items the Land Yacht is not cheap. It comes with a $240 dollar price tag. So this is not your little brother’s bong. Get him a plastic Bob Marley bong for 20 bucks. And keep this one for special occasions.

The bong is made of ceramic. That means it is fragile. So be careful. Don’t pull it out when the seas are rough. But on a clear blue day use it. And sail off to your own private island without a care in the world.