Lambs Breath Strain ReviewLamb’s Breath, the world’s first real famous weed strain, was also my first. This was not the first stain I ever tried. But it was the best by far.  I smoked a handful of times. But before being introduced to Lamb’s Breath, I was never “really” stoned. And when I say stoned, I mean sort of stoned, more hopeful than actually stoned. But when I smoked, what the guy that lit it up called, ” Lamb’s Breath,” I was stoned for the very first time in my life. And it wasn’t good. I was tripping. It was too much to be honest. After all, I was only 15. And I’d never lost control like that, before that afternoon. A love affair had begun. The fire is still strong today. And we shall see why in today’s Lambs Breath Strain Review.

I twice enjoyed the LB. Then it would be more than 20 years till I stumbled upon LB again. And then I did at an “after hours” private movie premier party. Some one said, “Hey, I’ve got some Lamb’s Breath.” I was excited and petrified at the same time. I could taste that skunky, wet wool taste. I wanted to remind my soul what the sensation was. So I did. And I got what I was petrified of in the first place, a super strong stonage. Although this time I was ready for it. And although it was a bit overwhelming, it was really nice. The paranoia subsided in about 20 minutes and a fun smiley night settled in with a musical kick.

Lambs Breath Strain Review

Lambs Breath Strain Review 2This is a serious sativa strain. If you like to laugh and get silly, welcome to paradise. My kind of weed is the kind of weed that is kind to me. And this is a classic gem. It delivers on every level.  I promise you’ll be a giggly mess on this strain. And your energy level will be through the roof. You won’t get that baked feeling of wanting to just waste away on the couch. No. You’ll want to fly. You’ll want to jump and be get shit done. And you will, for hours. This strain rocks. It’s good for you. So is our Lambs Breath Strain Review.

The genealogy is pure Jamaican. That alone speaks volumes. Bob Marley often called Lamb’s Breath out by name on stage during music festivals.  But to understand that you’d have to get stoned with a really old dude. Or simply go to Jamaica yourself. I strongly advise doing both. Lamb’s Breath is the original potent THC laden sativa monster strain that pre-dated genetic modification. So if you’re old school like me, and want to be blissful, here you go.