Lambs Bread Review  The legendary Bob Marley probably got a great deal of inspiration from this wonderful strain of Sativa originating in the lush rolling hills of Jamaica. Bob as most people know smoked a lot of herb but Lamb’s Bread was his favorite with a few shout outs in his syncopated hypnotic songs. With a lemony and slightly skunk aroma and heavy crystals the bud’s are robust and pungent with vitality. Check out this Lamb’s Bread Review.

Lamb’s Bread Review

Being a Sativa strain of 18 – 22% THC gives the consumer more of a cerebral high than body high which sparks creativity and inspiration and an uplifting and energized feeling. Lamb’s Bread is a great choice if you feel lethargic and want to get things done and will not leave you couch locked which is one of it’s great qualities. Some of the medicinal usages include the reduction of inflammation do to glaucoma. Other medicinal uses are for migraines , headaches, neck pain , anxiety and depression.

Ganja Mon !

Ganja as it is known in Jamaica is Hindi word that means hemp resin. This was originally brought to the island from east Indian workers. They were brought there after the emancipation of slavery in 1838. It quickly grew in popularity as the workers used it to ease their hard work in the fields and the freed slaves also appreciated the effects. Although free still were under colonial rule and still had to endure the hardships and poverty as before.

Catch a Vibe

Popular more in the countryside than cities. The herb became illegal in 1913 because plantation owners wanted to make profit from the sale of rum. Instead of the natural herb which they could grow themselves. When Haile Selassie became emperor of Ethiopia in the 1920’s the Rastafarian movement was born. Rastafari means revered one and the Rasta’s believing being the first black king. Linage to the queen of Sheba through their prophecy was the black son of God was put on earth for the black people. Rastafarians adopted Ganja for meditation and closer connection with God. Today Rastafarians are still a part of Jamaican society. Also the strain of Lamb’s bread is still part of their ritual of meditation. Catch a vibe today with Lamb’s Bread …. One Love !