LA Confidential Strain ReviewLA Confidential Strain Review

Most of you have probably heard of this Rock Star of a strain, especially if use Indica strains as medication. It’s calming powers and ability to control pain are pretty much unmatched in the cannabis world. Users experience an almost instantaneous numbing and overall sleepy and calming mood enhancer. The strain also has remarkable cerebral effects. So, although users are extremely calm they also notice strong euphoric benefits as well.

Good Greens – Good Taste

The buds of LA Confidential are a lime, almost neon green. The leaves are purple and a bag of small buds looks like a heavenly dream. It is really one of the sweetest looking frosty buds I have ever seen. The taste is very piney and skunky, just the way I like it. The buds are thick and dank almost to the point that over curing is needed to get the stuff lit. But I vaporize. So, I don’t have that problem. The only real problem I have is deciding which friends to share with.

A Bit of History

LA Confidential is one DNA Genetics greatest creations. It is a hybrid strain of O.G. L.A. Affie and Afghani Landrace. Both are super powerful Indica strains. This plant grows anywhere and is easy to maintain, making it ideal for home growers. It produces buds in about 7 weeks and yields between 300 and 500 grams. This is a good strain all around. Thumbs are up in today’s L.A. Confidential Strain Review.