Kryptonite Strain ReviewLook up in the Sky. Its a bird. Its a plane. No, its some bad ass weed called Kryptonite. In today’s Kryptonite Strain Review we will be fighting the bad guys with one of the best medicinal herbs available today. This stuff is aptly named as it will do to you what Kryptonite does to Superman.

I remember the orignal television series. No I am not 100 years old. I watched the reruns every afternoon after school though. And we loved it. It was really chessy but we didnt care. It was Superman. And every ones favorite episode was when they had the little greeen Martian midget on the show. Now that I think of it, I don’t rememeber ever seeing Lex Luther or any real cool enemies. It was always Al Capone type gansters robbing banks. In fact, it was pretty rare that they played off the whole Kryptonite shtick. But alas, no worries my little penquins and jokers. We have the real Krytponite now.


Kryptonite Strain Review

Kryptonite Strain ReviewIn the battle of good vs. evil our champion is Indica. Sorry Sativa but the force is stronger in this strain.And much like the man of steal, this strain is strong, super strong. At 25% – 27% THC you will be flying over the Daily Planet or at least think youre flying. Kryptonite is born of the marriage between Killer Queen and Medocino Purps. It is a beautiful and colorful bud to look at and the smell is intoxicating. And much like Kryptonite it will render you powerless.

The best thing for me is the taste. It is super sweet and sugary with hints of yummy tropical fruits. Medicinally, this weed is best for ultra-relaxation. So, if you suffer from anxiety or depression or stress you will love this strain. And more than being intense for euphoria you will also notice how it rids the body of aches and pains.

Kryptonite Strain Review – Conclusion

If youre tired of trudging through llife ike a Clark Kent, then pick up some Kryptonite today and shred that normal life you’ve been living. Get out there and save the world. Go find your Lois Lane. Happy Toking!