Kosher Kush ReviewIf you have trouble sleeping ? just want to be a lazy lump for the day, this is the herb for you. If you are looking for a job or going underwater cave diving this is not for you ! Kosher Kush is so laid back you can feel like a Flounder on dry land. This potent plant has some extreme relaxing qualities. Also great if you like eating ! I smoked a couple of hits and made myself two peanut butter and sardine sandwiches with dijon mustard. It tasted like prime rib ! Take a look at Kosher Kush Review please.

Kosher Kush Review

The fine product from people at DNA Genetics from good ole California. It has produced a superb Indica of the finest proportions of grandness with a THC of 22% to 25% of couch locked sleepy slumber of cerebral satin surroundings. Kosher Kush strain won the High Times best Indica award in 2010 and 2011 proving it’s outstanding pedigree.

Relaxing and Calming

This powerful herb will have you in space cadet mode in minutes. Very relaxing high that can only be described as all encompassing calmness. An excellent choice for people with for it’s stress relieving qualities, pain reduction and of course insomnia. Moreover it has been reported to reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Kosher Kush is quite a sight to behold! Glimmering covering of glowing white trichomes and covered in bright orange red hairs. The flavors are varied with hints of spice, menthol, mint, and a bit earthy. Try some today and you will feel blessed you have found a cannabis that will give you some blessed bliss. This is one of the most unique and satisfying herb I have ever tried ! A great choice for a stressful day and will be very useful for a good nights sleep. Highly recommended !