King Tut Strain ReviewKing Tut is the King of strains. This powerhouse has up to 30% THC. So, if you’re goal is to get high and feel like a king, you need look no further. I couldn’t wait to do a King Tut Strain Review. After I tried a few hits I grabbed my pen and paper. But I was soo damn high. I had to wait 4 hours until I could even focus on the paper right in front of my face. I even had to get a new notebook because I had laughed so hard that the tears that rolled down my face soaked the first draft.

“How’d you get so funky? Did you do the monkey? Born in Arizona. Moved to Babalonia… King Tut”. That was one of my first favorite Saturday Night Live skits. And you know they were all smoking the good stuff. Steve Martin’s King Tut is one of comedys most iconic images. You can Youtube it. It is still as brilliant today as it was way back then. Its especially good if you’re smoking the Tut.

King Tut Strain Review

King Tut Strain ReviewKing Tut, or as it is formally known, Tutankhamon is a great hybrid of the fantastic strain AK-47. So you know its strong. And it is. Trust me. Tut is Sativa dominant. And its a yummy bud. It will have you up and out of the house looking to be entertained. This is one of the most energy boosting strains you can smoke. When I have dishes to wash and the house is a disaster I simply grab my bong. I put a small pinch of Tut in the bowl. And I become a cleaning machine.

Medicinally, Tut is often most prescribed for depression and stress. And although I do not suffer from either of these crippling maladies, I can attest to the fact that it is pretty hard to be depressed when you can’t stop laughing. Tut is also great for headaches and body pain. Well, with the expection of the sore ribs you might suffer from all the belly laughs.

King Tut Strain Review – Final Thoughts

This is a good strain for anyone who has a ho-hum sort of exsistence and needs relief. No worries. The King will take care of you. And that’s whether that relief-need be mental or physical. So, you tired of being a slave in the grind? Rise up. And be a Pharoah. This is great if you’re a housewife with kids. Your day will go by much more tranquil. So if you’re a mummie, toke up, “relax and unwind” LOL Sorry.  I couldn’t help myself. Nor will you.