Kine Candy Sublinguals Marijuana Edibles ReviewWhile perusing the Internet for new medical edibles, I discovered sublinguals. I didn’t even know what they were. It turns out it’s a small dissolvable you put under your tongue. It works fast and powerfully. Check out our Kine Candy Sublinguals Marijuana Edibles Review. And you will discover an incredibly innovative way to ingest cannabis.

Innovation is really the best one word description of what a sublingual edible really encompasses. One aspect is discretion. These tiny little capsules look like a little mint. They do not smell like cannabis. And they come in a little sealed packet. Another is the delivery system. You no longer need pipes, bongs or vaporizers, not to mention the need to carry a bag of stinky flowers with you. And finally, it is not a food or pastry that can likewise be cumbersome and draw attention. Moreover, there is no sugar, additives or all the other extras that come with brownies, candies and cakes. That is innovation.

But perhaps the best aspect of a sublingual is the rapidity with which the affects hit you. It is almost instantaneous. You pop the little gel cap under your tongue. And it dissolves. That’s it. I tried the Apple Cider. There are many others. So, I look forward to trying them as well and reporting to you accordingly. But today let’s look at the only one with which I am actually familiar.

Kine Candy Sublinguals Marijuana Edibles ReviewKine Candy Sublinguals Marijuana Edibles Review

If you are unfamiliar with sublinguals allow me to elaborate. They are not meant to be chewed. Nor should you swallow them. The affects are best absorbed into the blood stream. When you swallow or chew they go into your stomach. They then get processed in your liver. This drastically reduces the THC that finds it’s way into your bloodstream. So, just suck on it.

My Apple Cider Sublingual tasted pretty good. I put it under my tongue. And it disappearedĀ in a minute. I could feel the high coming on even before that minute was up. So, what I really like about this medical edible is the fact that it is a great medicine. If you have body pain or anxiety you can now get instant relief, very impressive, to say the least.

Kine Candy has really come up with a miracle drug here. They are almost 100% pure cannabinoids. They claim to be almost 10 times more powerful than edibles. Therefore a 15 mg sublingual is equal to or greater than a 100 mg edible, not too shabby. Finally, thanks for reading our Kine Candy Sublinguals Marijuana Edibles Review. And if you’re looking for instant relief without all the marketing ploys, grab some today, suck it and watch all your problems dissolve away, literally.