Key Lime Hash Straws Marijuana Edibles ReviewYou put the lime in the coconut. Why not put some hash lime in da drink mon? Hash Straws make any coconut a splashing success. 40 mgs of THC with a lime twist is the natural way to enhance your fruit drink and elevate your mood. A Key Lime Hash Straws Marijuana Edibles Review has been long over due. But the relaxation of enjoying a Caribbean beverage with a Key Lime punch has kept me occupied.

We brought a half a dozen straws to a party the other night to share with our friends from Spain. I had two for myself. I would rather have too much than not enough. However one was more than enough to enjoy the healing magic. I think the affect was different for me. That is because you can also eat these straws like hard candy. So I ate half. Then I popped the rest in my Pina Colada. It  was a good call I really had a pleasant buzz. I danced for about an hour. I usually feel silly dancing because I am an old white guy. But you know what? I was grooving. So I hadn’t a care and the world. I just let the music and my Hash Straw take me away into a spinning soiree of cool beats and gentle swing.

Key Lime Hash Straws Marijuana Edibles ReviewKey Lime Hash Straws Marijuana Edibles Review

Throw on some Sola Rosa music and pop 20 mgs of THC into your drink. It is perfect for any tea. Or you can melt them for pie too. The applications are endless. But the results are always excellently lime induced yumminess.

The organic hash is grown in California and the Pacific North West. This hemp oil is some of the most sought after in the world. It’s uses are endless on the medical edible market. Key Lime is a very universal flavor that works in almost every category of edibles from cakes and brownies, to juices and teas, to all sorts of candies. Add a Hash Straw to whatever you’re enjoying  today. Up the flavor and up your wellbeing. Ya Mon!