Hey gang, I am back with a really great edible treat for you all in today’s Kevy Bar Coconutty Edible Review. This is one decadent dessert that you will want to share with friends for a night full of laughter. The Kevy Bar is the perfect after dinner compliment. You can choose the 50 or 100 mg bar and either way you are guaranteed to have a party to remember, or forget, depending on how much you eat. Be careful. The only problem is that the Bar is so damn good, its hard to only eat a little.

Kevy Bar Coconutty Edible Review – Yummy

Sensual Brunette, Kevy Bar Coconutty, Edibles, Marijuana EdiblesThe Bar reminds me of one of my childhood favourites, the Almond Joy Bar. I haven’t had one of those in decades. As kids we would fight after trick or treating on Halloween. I would readily trade two or three candy bars for one Almond Joy. Who wouldn’t? And now this Halloween promises to be legendary. I ordered two extra Bars and put them in the freezer. My annual Halloween Party is only a few weeks away. I can’t wait. Its the one time of the year that I can get stoned and dress up like a woman and no one judges me. Oh, how I love putting on the undergarments and make up. But that is a story for another day.

Let’s Go Coco-Crazy

The Coconutty is one “coco-nutty” chocolate bar. Kevy starts with organically grown hybrid strains. They add only the finest coconut milk and natural honey. Then they top it all off with fresh almonds that they smother in rich milk chocolate. My mouth is watering, seriously. Hold on a second I am need to eat one right now. I can’t wait until Halloween. Hell, I might try on this years lingerie while I’m at it. So, a sweet 50 mg THC Bar will run you around 15 bucks. But trust me, its well worth it. Not much else need be said other than, I give our┬áKevy Bar Coconutty Edible Review a very fat thumbs up!