Kevie Skunk Review 1Kevie Skunk was recently in the Jamaican Cannabis Cup. Each parish competed and Kevie Skunk proved to be a winner. St.Bess Ganja Growers with Kevin Samuels at the helm pulled through with a high potency power packed ganja. With almost 18% THC this Indica is one very relaxing and euphoric herb. Also Kevie Skunk is grown outdoors. Jamaica has the perfect climate for outstanding herbage. I tried quite a few strains at the event. This however was my favourite. I will tell you more in this Kevie Skunk Review.

Kevie Skunk Review

After the event I decided to spend more time in this exotic unique island. I had A nice stash of Kevie Skunk and did a bit of exploring and taking in the culture. Mostly I hung out with the Rastafarians. A most kind and gracious people. Vegetarians and non drinkers, they make for pleasant company. Rasta’s are very philosophical and love to have deep conversations of the meaning of life. Also very generous and will always offer some good ganja or their delicious vegetarian food. I was staying in Negril and toking some of my great Kevie which I shared with a new friend Winston.

High in the hill’s

Grange Hill was the town he was from and he invited me for a visit to meet his family. I took him up on his offer and had a great day in a beautiful town in the lush green Jamaican countryside. Winston had some things to do so he dropped me of at Mrs. Brown’s Bar. So it was a small little place with a half moon bar and a old Wurlitzer juke box loaded with vintage reggae. For the next two hours I spent talking to Becky Brown and grooving to some very cool reggae that I had never heard before. I had a nice buzz on. In all honesty it was one of the most memorable days of my life so far. Jamaica holds a very special place in my heart. No shortage of fine herb there. Because it’s everywhere !

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