It’s Saturday night. I am set to watch the NBA playoffs. I made some popcorn for me and the boys. And I really can’t be drinking beer tonight. I have a bunch of important things to do in the morning. I can’t afford to be hung over. It’s the perfect time and situation to break out a Keef Cola Marijuana Edibles Review. 

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I love drinking cola when I have a big tub of buttery popcorn and something exciting to watch. I was sure it was about to be a good night, maybe even a legendary night if the Celtics win this big game 6 and advance to the Finals. Well, the Celtics blew it. But it was a great back and forth battle. And by the fourth quarter I had eaten 10 pounds of popcorn and drank 3 colas.

So, we were feeling pretty awesome. In fact, when The Celtics missed the buzzer beater to win the game we all laughed. This is premium Cola people. If you like Pepsi or Coca Cola you will love the taste of Keef Cola. It is a spot on Cola. And it tastes like any other traditional cola. Now that I have discovered this form of medical edible I may never go back to my bongs or vaporizers. And I love to smoke.

However, the throat burn really bothers me. So the idea of edibles is really great. I love when I have the ability to make healthier choices. As much as I enjoy hitting the bong I don’t like the carcinogens and the damage to my lungs. And now I get high sipping on a refreshing cold beverage. Life is good. I can’t wait until September. However, no matter how high I am, I won’t be happy if the New England Patriots lose.But at least I will have some Keef Colas in the refrigerator.

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One bottle of Keef Cola has 10 mgs of THC. This is why I am so excited about this product. I like to drink 2 or 3 bottles of Cola when I am munching on popcorn. And 30 mgs of THC is the perfect amount for me. I relax and I feel silly and happy.

There is really almost no trace of cannabis taste in this beverage. That is huge in edibles. Nothing beats a good edible that actually tasted like its non-THC counterpart.

I hate a strong cannabis taste. So, I give Keef a big thumbs up on that account in our Keef Cola Marijuana Edibles Review. Pop open a bottle of this pop and enjoy the night.