Kaya's Coffee Marijuana Strain ReviewI am in Heaven. My three favorite sinful pleasures have finally combined as the tasty winner of “Earth’s Strongest Strain.” Kaya’s Coffee Marijuana Strain Review is a triple tasty treat comprised of coffee, chocolate and marijuana flavors. These are three of the four favorite things I have ever put in my mouth.

When I get out bed in the morning, which is never easy, I am not pleasant. I have my routine. I brush my teeth while peeing. Then I spark up a fat joint while getting dressed. After that I head down to the kitchen where I push start on the coffee maker. I open the fridge in the hopes I have something chocolate to go with my coffee. If all that goes well, I am in a good mood. If It doesn’t than I am one miserable bastard.

After I found Kaya’s my morning routine changed. I now get out of bed, spark up a blunt and I am good to go. I still like a coffee for the caffeine kick. But if I don’t have any I am still in a pretty good mood. Especially because I have a great buzz. Best of all I don’t need my chocolate fix anymore. The reason this is so great is that I have saved a fortune on muffins and cookies. And I have even lost 15 pounds. Thanks Kaya you sexy beast.

Kaya's Coffee Marijuana Strain ReviewKaya’s Coffee Marijuana Strain Review

Kaya is delicious. But that is just the start. This indica dominant strain is only slightly greater than the 45% sativa that accompanies it. And then there’s the THC. Kaya is a yummy powerhouse. She packs 32% THC. Be careful people.

Kaya has pretty impressive parents that explain her elegance. Those parents are Alien OG and Alien Kush. That is one regal family. Also, it explains the unworldly levels of THC.

It also should be obvious that this is a medical marvel. Any strain with THC levels over 30% automatically have incredible healing powers for mind and body. So that goes without saying.

When I consider what makes a strain great I look for power, and taste. Kaya wins both of these criteria with flying colors. Enough said!