I think when anyone hears the word Kashmir they immediately think of an Arabian Desert or more likely the Led Zeppelin masterpiece. Our Kashmir Kush Strain Review is sure to take you to that magical place, much like Jimmy Page’s entrancing guitar work in the song Kashmir. And I know. Like the song says, ” I’m a traveller of both time and space – to be where I have been,” sums it up perfectly. Kashmir Kush will take you on that journey that I started so long ago. Come, let us go together.

Kashmir Kush Strain Review

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Our adventure begins with a potent Kush strain that is a hybrid of Vanilla Kush and Purple Pig. This marriage results in a 50/50 Sativa and Indica split sure to tantalize your brain and taste buds at the same time. The maestros over at Guru Seeds came up with this curious and noteworthy creation to add to there long and esteemed and powerful strains.

Kashmir Kush is like most strains in the Kush family in that it packs a punch, produces large yields and is heavy with trichomes. The aroma is wickedly vanilla and berry. It reminds almost of a medical edible dessert it’s so scrumptious. The high is very euphoric but energized at the same time. The THC level is a mystery. I was unable to find it. Although I did try. From my own personal experience, I would venture to guess it easily over 20% THC.

The Kashmir Kush Adventure

Pack your bags kiddies. You may want to pack a snack as well. This journey will be a long one. The high lasts for hours and stays strong throughout. You can expect to feel very at peace and silly at the same time. You will forebear both introspective moments full of bliss and deep thoughts and still others of hysteria. It’s all about the long strange trip like Casey Jones could tell you. This journey to Kashmir will be one that stays with you. And remember my friends, “One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.” Bon Voyage.