Kandypens Gravity Review 5Kandypens has dropped their latest creation and it’s called Gravity. The guys that blessed us with the Donut now offer this latest and greatest wax pen innovation. Let’s jump right into today’s Kandypens Gravity Review. Gravity is a solid wax pen.

It uses dual quartz-coils so the big difference is an improved airflow system. What I like, aside from the great level of performance, is simply the look. This pen is sexy. I love sexy stuff. I also love discretion. The design is perfect for me. It looks more like an electronic cigarette than a portable vaporizer. It is sleek, stylish and has a sandblasted black finish. Gravity also comes in glossy black and satin rubber black. And feels great in the hand. I always like my portable to be as close to a cigarette in shape as possible. This vaporizer rocks!

Kandypens Gravity Review

First, if you liked Galaxy or Donut, then you will love Gravity. It is basically the culmination of both with all the newest technology they could pack into a vape pen. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, it was awarded Best Vape Pen 2016 by “The Vape Critic.” That should be all the review you need to check out this dynamite vaporizer. But wait there’s more. This pen does not leak, nor does it clog. that is my favourite aspect by far. And I just love the elegant finish and subtle design. The pen is top shelf.


Kandypens Gravity Review 2The list is really too long to include everything here so let’s just point out the most important specs and the newest adds. First, the temperature controlled battery has 4 settings from 300 to 430 degrees. That is all you will ever need. Also, what is great is that it has a colour coded LED to keep it simple: pink for very low, red for low, green for medium and blue for high.

The mouthpiece has an air carb and has been upgraded as well. A quartz crystal chamber w/dual quartz rods and titanium coils perfectly compliment the coil less chamber with ceramic dish. Also, the chamber is nice and deep and has an elevated air flow system.

With Kandypens you always get all the extras you will need to have a sweet vaping experience. One is the hard shell case and another is the lifetime warranty on the battery. This culminates in an unsurpassable handmade vaporizer you will not want to put down.


This pen passes our Kandypens Gravity Review with flying colours. All the extras plus getting two atomizers and a hard shell case really make the investment worth a try. At $129.95 the price is, in my opinion, more than fair. The air flow is improvement alone validates the cost. Overall, the battery life is good. The design is fantastic and the power is great. This kit overall is lacking very little. The Gravity is perfect for the newcomer and just as viable for the seasoned vaper. I easily give this Kandypen two very fat thumbs up !