Kandy Skunk ReviewKandy Skunk is brought to you from the fine fine and creative people from DNA Genetics . This Sativa dominant hybrid packs a punch with it’s heavy cerebral high. I find this to be very relaxing herb and has a very calming effect on your mental state. Very pungent skunky aroma awaits you when you spark up a spliff. Also a tangy sweet flavor to tantalizing your taste buds is very pleasant indeed. This cannabis helps me a lot with anxiety as you will see in this Kandy Skunk Review.

Kandy Skunk Review

Last Saturday I awoke early and had a nice spliff of Kandy Skunk. It did not take much to get me nice and baked. It was a beautiful sunny day. So put on some Bob Marley and sat on the back deck and enjoyed my breakfast and drank a pot of coffee. I needed to go to the hardware store to pick up some screws, but I went to the zoo instead. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Also I was drawn to it in a strange way. It was great to be amongst the wild and exotic animals and birds of this wonderful planet. Also I was pretty stoned and bought some carmel corn and I sat on a bench.


All of a sudden I heard people screaming not far away. I ran towards the commotion . A small boy had fallen into the lion cage and was about to be eaten. I felt very calm and confident as I grabbed a hamburger from a women’s hand and jumped 15 ft. into the cage. I threw the lion the burger. Then I grabbed the kid and scrambled to safety. Moreover saving a life was new to me and I think Kandy Skunk gave me the the unbridled courage that I displayed.

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Kandy Skunk is used to help conditions such as depression , stress , anxiety, Crohn’s and seizure’s.