Kamry K 100 ReviewI would like to present you with a Kamry K 100 review. A vaporizer known as the The Kamry K 100 Mechanical Mod Vaporizer is a clone, on the market, by a company in China. It’s production is meant to resemble The popular Empire VP Mod. And at the same time offer a similar  quality vaporizer as one that retails for around $139.00 dollars. The K 100 retails for 1/3 of that price. You can find deals online from around $35 to $65 dollars. I have even seen it listed as low as $25 bucks.

This raises a couple of questions. First, why review a knock off? And secondly, is it any good? Well, that is the point of this Kamry K 100 Review. I like a good deal as much as the next guy. But, at the same time I don’t like the frustration of cheap knock offs that over promise and then under deliver.

And so, we set out to answer the age old question.” Do you get what you pay for?” or, “Are there deals to be had and no sense over paying for a Brand Name?”

Kamry K 100 vs Empire – Differences

Kamry K 100 ReviewFirst, the K 100 is modeled to look just like the Empire PV.  A US based company designed The Empire PV to look like the Empire State building. The Chinese have done a very good job cloning the look. But, the obvious difference will be that the working parts are not the same. But can a vaporizer with lesser quality parts still perform as well or close enough to the Empire to warrants it’s purchase?

Let’s look at the fundamental differences. First, the K 100 has a 510 connector, the Empire a 901. Stainless steel replaces The Empire’s superior brass parts. This is the same for the the internal contacts. The telescoping tube at 18350 is about one inch visible in the clone and not at all in the Empire.

The both models come in a nice variety of cool anodized colors. The K 100 fails here as the detail is compromised. But, we should expect some shortcomings. We simply want to decide if the K 100 is a viable purchase.

What is good about the Kamry K 100 ?

The drip sleeve matches the drip tip and give the overlook a nice consistency. Only standard size cartomizer and atomizers can be used, as their sleeve is not big enough for upgrading. I like standard atomizers and 510 thread connectors. So, this is not a problem for me. And, I must say I thought the vapor quality and taste were pretty good. I got surprisingly bigger clouds than I expected to as well. Although, I should mention they certainly weren’t Cumulus.Kamry K 100 Review

What else good can we say in this Kamry K 100 Review ?

Well, everything else I have to say about the K 100 is good. The design is solid and feels good in the hand. With a dual coil set up this vaporizer is as good or better than any other for under $100 dollars. In the end it is a Mechanical MOD with a drip tip. The kit also includes 2 tanks, batteries, a carrying case. And they even throw in a bottle of ejuice. That is a nice touch.

I would rate this a great first vaporizer for the beginner on a budget. If you already take vaping serious and know the ins and outs then you will need to get yourself an Empire PV. Either way for $30- $50 dollars you can’t lose. The experience you gain as you learn to vape validates buying a K 100.

So my Kamry K 100 Review is surprisingly a Thumbs Up. To go even further, I think it’s crazy, even stupid to invest $200 dollars on your first vaporizer. Unless, of course, money is no object. That is generally not the case with my readers, looking to make economic choices. In conclusion, The Kamry K 100 is a sensible alternative. It is a decent vaporizer, especially compared to the much more expensive Empire. I hope that helped. Buy one today. Good Vaping Friends !