Kali Mist Review 1Kali Mist Has been said to be one of or not the best Sativa on the market today. For me it is the king of Sativa’s. This is one powerful and uplifting herb. At 23 % THC you know you are getting a bang for your buck. With a 0.34% CBD the medicinal values are certainly there. Quite a remarkable herb indeed. Uplifting creativity abounds for my imagination with this delectable doobage as you will in this Kali Mist Review.

Kali Mist Review

Last month I was sitting under the pale glow of moonlight on the back porch. It was a cool autumn evening and I had just finished a few tokes of Kali Mist. I sat back and listened to the sound of the city. It was then that an egg shaped object appeared in my back yard. I was startled and dumbfounded at the same time. There was a hissing noise and a door slid open. So my time travelling friends were back. Baron Wolfgang von Frankenschnitzel and his wife the ultra gorgeous Zukie la Rue with her glowing neon tattoo’s. So they arrived as usual in the Biokenetic Orbitron Selecter.


They had heard through the Holographic Hieroglyphic that I had finally come in contact with the Kali Mist. This super fine strain was not available in the year 3074 because of some strange space fungus. So they returned to pick up some from me. In return they would take me into the future for a vacation. Within an hour I had hooked them up with a hefty supply of Kali Mist and we were off. Within seconds we were in their time and place. The giant city of Riverdale was spectacular. We had a few tokes and then sped off in the lightning fast Bubble Train to the famous diner Monkey Malone’s. The chunky Spindledorf salad was out of this world. Returning the next day I sat on the back porch with Kali Mist and relived my hard to believe memories.

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