Kaboom Marijuana Strain ReviewGet ready for your head to explode with today’s Kaboom Marijuana Strain Review. This tasty strain is powerful and will leave you feeling sensational and uplifted unlike most other strains. THC levels of 16% make this sativa dominant strain the perfect remedy to a boring or stressful day.

My typical day can be very stressful. When I get home I am ready to kill at least a dozen people. Either that or I want to kill myself. I thank a merciful God for marijuana. If I don’t have a bag of buds at home when I finish my work day I am ready to go Kaboom. Luckily, I always do. It’s the only way I can cope with my shitty job, my stressful chores and complaining children.

I just got a new Grasshopper vaporizer that I enjoy packing with Kaboom. I did a review you can see here https://420.reviews/grasshopper-vaporizer-review/ It is a nice cheap portable but it’s not the best vaporizer. My favorite is the Hero Go which I also wrote up here https://420.reviews/hero-go-vaporizer-review/. When I have a quality strain I like to vaporizer. This way I get powerful hits while minimizing waste.

Kaboom Marijuana Strain ReviewKaboom Marijuana Strain Review

Kaboom is the perfect name. Because that’s precisely what a 16% THC and 85% sativa strain do to your brain. There are strains that have higher THC levels. But due to the fact that the sativa is so dominant the high is powerful. You will feel extremely euphoric after just a couple hits. This settles after a half hour and a nice mellow sense of well being over comes the user.

The sativa is great for depression or stress. Trust me. I know. No matter how bad my day was when I toke up Kaboom all my troubles disappear and I turn into a very pleasant and likable guy. I love the taste too. It’s very sweet and “berry-licsious.”

If you’re looking for an over all decent stress killer of a strain you have found it. Also the taste makes it a great any time strain. Try some and Bombs away!