Nothing makes me happier than having healthy choices. I have become a very big fan of medical edibles. However, I have quickly become less excited about chocolate and sugar laden treats. Allow our Julie’s Granola Marijuana Edibles Review to be the healthiest choice you make today. 
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This granola not only tastes super fantastic, it is good for you. Let Julie cure your appetite, heal your soul and mind and simply make your life better in every way. I love eating healthy. And I love feeling good. Most of all, I like to be happy. Who doesn’t? And although I do also love to get high and drink beer I don’t consider either of these habits detrimental. 

Cannabis as I am sure you know if you’re reading this, is good for you on to many levels to even begin to count. And I love beer. I drink on the weekends. And it makes me very happy. There is a lot to be said about being happy. It is also a proven fact that happiness is health. Add Julie to the mix and life is not only better, but great.

Julie’s Granola Marijuana Edibles Review

Julie is the real deal people. She has been baking since edibles were first on the market. And she has perfected all her recipes with exquisite love.

All her products are gluten free and all natural. She only uses refined sugar and far less of it than respective products. 

Sensual Nude Couple Black and WhiteShe knows, as you do, sugar is not good. So it is only used minimally for just a touch of sweetness. Then add granola with roasted seeds and fresh all natural oats and you are in for a real treat. 
Top it all off with 200 mgs of clarified cannabutter and real maple syrup and you have the best tasting healthiest breakfast of your life.
If you want to start your day off with a healthy THC infused kick you need to talk to Julie. Tell her Peter sent you!